Sunday, May 3, 2009

A strange journey indeed

Where to begin, well at the beginning said the Hatter. I am not of this SL world...
How I came to be here I can recall very little.. but I know it began with the Timewar.

I was sent on a mission, literally moments after graduation from academy. That in itself should have forewarned me, (that and the nature of the TTC the council gave me , but more on that later) my mission was doomed from the start.

It seemed simple, collect about a millennial worth of chonotons and return home. Little did I know of the surprise awaiting me in the nebula they had chosen. The creature took my will and crushed it forcing my regeneration. Then, as they say, it all went black.

By means and nature unknown I was freed of the beast, and found myself here. TTC all but crippled it limped along, with I in tow making the best of what I could, several acquaintances and I daresay a love I would not have survived without.

What is was they had intended I can only guess, the preset co-ordinates on my TTC did not bode well. The very homeworld of the Enemy, was I to have been a weapon? I will never know now.

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